Kounai enkou RJ01138138 Save Data

Kounai enkou RJ01138138 Save Data



Mari Saito, the big-breasted student council president, has no choice but to sell her body to the principal due to family reasons.

The perverted principal, seeking stimulation, demands that she have intercourse on campus during the daytime.

Under normal circumstances, this would be absolutely impossible, but the pervert principal has a very capable servant.

The janitor, Baldy, is a professional voyeur, and owes the principal a debt of gratitude for helping him find a job.

The principal ordered Baldy to set up a place for the two of them to make love on campus, and to protect them from anyone who might approach them.

Can Baldy keep up with the principal’s orders?

Baldy’s solitary struggle(?) begins now. Baldy’s solitary struggle(?) begins now.

And what will be the fate of the two. ……

A Basic Day at Bald Mountain (Player)

Bald Mountain will do serious janitorial work in the morning and afternoon according to the day’s schedule. (errand boy type).

He will then walk around the campus, which includes the main school building, the student wing, the athletic wing, the gymnasium, and the club wing.

In between jobs, you can also explore the school (side trip element).

You can collect the perverted students’ perverted collections and the images from the hidden cameras that you set up yourself.

After school, you will be contacted by the principal to secure a place to fuck, and then you will have a battle.

Defending the Yariya (combat)

The principal’s mood that day, or a suggestion from Bald Mountain, will determine the day’s screwing.

It is not only the students who are easily persuaded to leave.

It is not only the delinquents who persistently get involved or (I don’t know anything, but I get out of the room in a bad time.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kounai enkou RJ01138138” and use it.

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