Saki to in raku no rutsubo RJ01138218 Save Data

Saki to in raku no rutsubo RJ01138218 Save Data


An exorcist priestess girl is defeated and defiled by a demon…


RPG specializing in combat erotica about a girl who explores a land infested with powerful demons.

All enemies have individual battle animation H,

You can enjoy the battle eroticism without letting go when you use the full-auto progress function.

Saki can manipulate various powers by changing her body, and can use them to her advantage in her battles with demons.

The post-change appearance is reflected not only in the standing picture but also in all the battle eroticism, and colors the battle eroticism from the demons that attack Saki.

Basic system, contents, etc.

▼ System

Non-field dungeon exploration (manual operation and fully automatic progression possible)

No game over due to defeat in battle

Animated sex scenes occur in battle.

Individually configurable H-related display (e.g., standing picture during H, onomatopoeia off, etc.)

Contents of the commercial version

Basic HCGs: 59 (including 9 defeated CGs)

Combat Erotic Patterns: 50 types, all enemies’ individual combat erotica, all with differences in their states of change.

All battle erotic animations are included.

Recollection room (free battle): Yes

Help items: Yes (Please check the attached text for details.)


Voice: Yes (CV: Shiki Asaki)

Logo design: Toriaka

This game is made with RPG Toolkool MV.

 Before playing, please check the operation of the demo version.

Game Flow

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Saki to in raku no rutsubo RJ01138218” and use it.

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