Umigame no soup NTR tower wo kouryaku seyo RJ01138661 Save Data

Umigame no soup NTR tower wo kouryaku seyo RJ01138661 Save Data


Sequel to be produced!

For details, please refer to the “Lumina Store” notice posting page.

Deduction game x NTR

Kaiketsu Arata, a man who longs to be a detective, had a strange dream.
In the dream, he saw a mysterious girl named “Juice” who was seeking for help.
She was trapped on a mysterious island called Sea Turtle Island.
Arata, who was asked for help, challenges the giant tower, “Sea Turtle Tower,” which towers over Sea Turtle Island in order to save Juice.

The puzzle is a game of deduction in which the player must solve a puzzle by answering “yes” or “no” to a series of puzzling questions.

There is no connection with the previous game!
The story developed in a serious tone.
Unlike the previous title “Sea Turtle Soup – Cuckold Tailoring
this game has a more comedic style.
Please enjoy the various events with the gatekeepers that await you!

This work was created with RPG Tool MV.
Please check the operation with the trial version.

All quizzes include freshly drawn illustrations!

Of course, all the questions are original!

Solve eerie and puzzling riddles!

To prevent you from going into the labyrinth

A strategy article is included in the package.

Question 1 – Small is also big!

Taro loves big tits and Hanako loves small tits.


Question 2 – Petrifying Devil’s Eye

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Umigame no soup NTR tower wo kouryaku seyo RJ01138661” and use it.

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