Momoiroki ni torawarete RJ01139020 Save Data

Momoiroki ni torawarete RJ01139020 Save Data


I’m going to see my sister.


I went to the house as usual to see my sister who lives far away from me.

While I was waiting for my sister, a big pink demon came out of the house…

When I came to, I was kidnapped, and the demon woman was called “Reina”.

She said she kidnapped my sister too.

She said she would punish me if I ran away …… but I’m worried about my sister…

I have to get out and look for her…

■Game Contents

This is a game in which you explore each room and collect items to advance through the levels and escape.

However, if you find certain items, [Reina] will chase you.

Try not to get caught safely.

If you are caught, you will be punished in a very nasty way.

Running will decrease your stamina, and if you continue to be punished, you will not be able to run very far.

■About HCG in this work

Everything is female-dominated and bed-wetting.

Kissing, blow job, pie-slapping, buttocks job, kissing hand job, sexual intercourse, etc….

There are also some situations in which the main character is manipulated by an external force.

About the demo version

The demo version includes 3 scenes and a touch of what the game is like.

Game Flow

Search for items in order to proceed.

The number of rooms increases according to the level.

and there are some riddles to solve.

If you get certain items while searching, the demons will chase you away.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Momoiroki ni torawarete RJ01139020” and use it.

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