Zitome kouhaichan toicha love hokenshitsu RJ01140581 Save Data

Zitome kouhaichan toicha love hokenshitsu RJ01140581 Save Data


Senpai, do you feel like shi? Kohai will be stunned.”

It is late autumn. It’s late autumn and it’s raining outside in the infirmary.

This is a simulation in which you will do naughty things with a slightly cocky junior who loves you.

You can use the keyboard as well as the mouse cursor.

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There is a difference in estrus value for each.

Supported Browsers

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

We have confirmed that all of these browsers work only with the latest versions.

Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.

—Heroine Introduction

Introduction of the heroine

Sumire Shiomi / 1XSai / Grade X

She is a junior and a lover of “you” in the second grade.

She always wears an air of laziness, but she is very aggressive when it comes to sex.

Her mature and provocative attitude is a reflection of her concern about her fat body.

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