Gal oanechan no H na jugyou! RJ01140783 Save Data

Gal oanechan no H na jugyou! RJ01140783 Save Data


A young boy gets played by a gal governess! Full Dot Anime H Simulation♪

The theme of this time is “Shota-kun Temptation H”!
Shota-kun gets played by a lewd gal governess!
The theme of the game is “seductive H”!

Anytime! Anywhere! You can freely control all animations on all maps!

All animations are handmade with a unique system using dots and maps,

The feature of this series is that “all animations can be freely displayed and operated on all maps”!

Enjoy the erotic dots and lewd words in the situation of your choice.

Synopsis / Characters


The tutor’s gal sister.

She’s a slut and loves shorties.

She loves to twist the boys’ sexuality with her perverted M-torture ecchi lessons.

The animation function is very flexible.

The animation function is very flexible!
This series places the highest priority on freedom of dot animation!
Animation speed, dialogue display, voice and sound display, etc…
All can be easily operated with the mouse!

Random dialogue function!
The lewd dialogue is automatically displayed according to the position of the body. Dot animation + lewd language = eroticism!
You can change “your name” in the lines as you like.

Introduction of play contents.

Handjob lesson in “Boku-kun’s” room.
You can change the time of day, such as dusk, as you like!

Exposed sex in a forest park!
You can enjoy H-anime on any map you like.

Handjob in the teacher’s apartment.
You can enjoy your H-animation on any map you like!

Lavish sex in the teacher’s bedroom.
Raw Nakadashi Sex Lesson… Other Features

Other Features

This is an “ecchi simulation work” that emphasizes ease of use.
 Intuitive operation is performed using only the mouse.

The main character is completely characterless to enhance the immersive experience.
 You can freely change the name of the main character in the lewd dialogue!

This series allows you to play the animation in any situation you like,
 This series, which can play animation in any situation, is a perfect match for DLsite’s adult voice works!
 Please try the combination of your favorite voice and dot eroticism!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “dot erotic gal oanechan no H na jugyou! amaama M seme de seiheki nejimagerarechau One shota dotto H seikatsu. – RJ01140783” and use it.

Download Save Data

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