Isekai de nekomimi seijo to tsundere Elf RJ01141121 Save Data

Isekai de nekomimi seijo to tsundere Elf RJ01141121 Save Data



The protagonist saves a girl from being attacked by a street demon, but loses her life.

He is reincarnated by a being who seems to be a god to save the other world.

Haruki, the reincarnated hero, sets out on an adventurous journey with a cat-eared saint, Filia, whom he meets at a church.

The hero’s semen is the source of his magical power, and the more he has sex with her, the more her magical power increases and she grows rapidly.

He has to temporarily leave Feelya for the appointment ceremony of the Great Saint’s daughter.

Haruki, the protagonist, who is active on the battlefield alone, meets an elf.

■Heroine is fully voiced.

No foreshadowing of pussy and cock, and powerful full-length hidden voice!

Voice cut function, cut-in on/off can also be selected!

Cut-in display of a cross-sectional view during sex scenes! You can also choose to turn the cut-in on or off!

1280×960 screen resolution, backlog, reminiscence mode, CG mode, and other various functions!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Isekai de nekomimi seijo to tsundere Elf RJ01141121” and use it.

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