Daraku kishi eriooru RJ01141523 Save Data

RJ01141523 Save Data



Eriol, a female knight from the duke family who makes a name for himself in the country、

One day for the mission of the Goblin subjugation, head to a certain abandoned mine road.

she became so arrogant that she overconfident her abilities、

As a result, he loses to a goblin with a scar on his face in an abandoned mine road, and loses consciousness as it is.

when she woke up feeling something strange、

I was fucked by one of the goblins in a dim hut.

After being raped by the goblins, when I left the hut, it was the deepest part of the abandoned mine road.

Elior tries to escape to the ground while being violated by monsters lurking in the tunnel.


The player controls Elior, who is the main character, while being violated by monsters such as goblins、

Solve the mystery and aim at the exit of the tunnel.

・ Over 70 H scenes!

the main character has two states, when it is normal and when it is ingrained、

Almost all H scenes except a part change the H scene according to the state at the time of the event occurrence.

Being caught in a trap and fucked, being fucked if you are resting a little, or holding out your body to go ahead、

Erotic things can happen under any circumstances.

The amount of erotic events and most of them are 2 versions (normal and indecent)、

The recovery rate is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen in an easy-to-understand way to collect all the H scenes.

– Character introduction

In a female knight born as a daughter of the Duke family, the character is proud from the goodness of birth and the ability to have born above average.

He is so overconfident in his ability that he falls into a situation like the main story.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Daraku kishi eriooru~ haikou dou wa niku kairaku no ma gankutsu~ – RJ01141523” and use it.

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