JK chikan densha tanetsuke ojisan RJ01141999 Save Data

JK chikan densha tanetsuke ojisan RJ01141999 Save Data


0 Synopsis.

A molester who makes molestation his living sets his eyes on a strong-minded schoolgirl, Chinatsu Saijo.

He decides to teach her the pleasure of being molested in the short time he has with her on her way to and from school.


Chinatsu Saijo】Cv. Shiki Asaki

Black hair, ponytail. Kendo club. A virgin.

She is energetic, cheerful, serious, and a little strong-willed, but basically an ordinary high school girl.

However, she is not immune to sex.

She is embarrassed to say strongly that she is being molested because she is embarrassed to be noticed.

Her body is sensitive and she feels it easily, and she is embarrassed that being molested makes her feel like an H-molester,

She is embarrassed by being molested, and is unable to speak out strongly because of this.

0 System

This is a game of touching by command.

The heroine, Chika, is very alert and will be caught immediately if she acts carelessly.

Fortunately, she is diligent and goes to school every day even if she is molested.

Take your time to relax her and let her drown in pleasure.

0Main touches

Tit rubbing

Giving her a hand job

Turning her around


Insertion into pussy

Inserting anal beads


0Pregnancy system

When ejaculating into the cunt, the fertilization rate changes depending on the heroine Chika’s pleasure level.

If the heroine is successfully impregnated, the goal of the molesting uncle will be achieved.

(After that, the game will be in free mode with no restrictions.)

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “JK chikan densha tanetsuke ojisan RJ01141999” and use it.

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