Okaa no shin’yuu ga norowarete asoko mechakucha kusai RJ01142645 Save Data

Okaa no shin’yuu ga norowarete asoko mechakucha kusai RJ01142645 Save Data


Thank you for 2023! See you in 2024!

There is a room for reminiscence

20+ basic CGs

Light SRPG

3 ENDs



My best friend is cursed and it smells really bad in there.

Amanda, an archer, and her best friend Laura, a wizard, used to be adventurers.

For some reason, they left the war against the demon tribe and tried to live a life of seclusion in a secluded place.

Ten years later, Amanda picked up her bow and arrow again and entered a forest full of demons.

However, she soon found herself in danger because she had not fought in many years.

It was then that a boy, a boy taken in and raised by her best friend, named Hiro, appeared in front of her and saved her.

‘You came for this, Auntie,’ he said. To get this ‘smelly slut juice’ that will break the curse!”

Yes, that’s right.

Amanda was cursed by the whore.

Her “there” had been smelly for 10 years.

Amanda’s best friend was cursed by the whore for 10 years.

A woman who is a magician and a bowman.

When a certain incident happens, she retreats during a war between the demon tribe and her family and stays in a remote area.

After ten years, Armand once again takes up a bow and runs with the demons.

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