Yorozu no gakuen roshutsu seikatsu~ Fox Exhibitionism~ RJ01142682 Save Data

Yorozu no gakuen roshutsu seikatsu~ Fox Exhibitionism~ RJ01142682 Save Data



One day, Yorozu became interested in exposing herself…
At first, she just lifted up her skirt and wore no panties, but gradually she began to feel the pleasure of exposure. ……

More than 10 basic CGs! Over 200 events! Over 1,000,000 dress-up patterns!
Expose yourself anywhere in the school!
In addition to the exposure of the clothes outside of the events, you can also tilt your body up, show your breasts, and masturbate by inputting keys, so you can expose yourself anytime, anywhere!
Four different endings! Will no one find you, or will your students and teachers? The color-coded events are designed to make it easy to reach the ending you want.

Live2D illustrations and moving pictures!
All events with CG are animated in Live2D!
Events without CG will reflect the character’s equipment except for certain events! Watch your favorite events in your favorite outfits! All events are designed to be viewed in non-revealing outfits, so you may feel uncomfortable in some conversations or situations depending on your outfit.


Name Azumaya Yorozu

Height 137cm

Likes sweets

Dislikes: Nothing in particular

Things I dislike Cooking

A third-year student at the Yokai School of Monsters.

Energetic, active, and high achiever

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