Shoki no houmonsha RJ01143093 Save Data

Shoki no houmonsha RJ01143093 Save Data


Outline of the game

The objective of this game is to control the main character, Yurine Kawashima, and explore a certain area.
The game contains shooter, action, and RPG elements.
The game is easy to dress and undress.

About skills and combat

You can learn skills as you level up. Learn various skills to survive.
You can defeat your enemies with guns and swords, but you can also neutralize them with charm skills by using your body to seduce them.
The lock system is implemented so that you do not need to fine-tune your character’s orientation when using skills (except for those that require aiming).


The player can enhance his or her status as he or she advances in level.
The player can easily adjust his/her status to adjust the difficulty level of the game.


It is important to prepare various materials and currencies to repair torn costumes and recover from damages.
Gather supplies by picking them up in the field or buying them from merchants.


Points to note
There is no clear story or clear.
There is no clear storyline and no clear path to the end of the game. Please use mouse and keyboard when you play.
The resolution is “1366×768” in window mode and “1920×1080” in full screen mode.
Please check if the game works properly with the demo version before purchasing.
This work requires a certain PC spec, so please refer to the following “Work Information / System Requirements”.
The size of the extracted file is about 11GB.

A little information
If you feel that you run out of stamina quickly, we recommend you to get the skill “Landing horizontally” as soon as possible.
Enemies are more likely to appear in the area where there are collapsed buildings.
If you have trouble getting supplies, turn on the setting “Auto get item at action” to get items smoothly.
There is no fall damage.
The situations in the extra rooms/mini-games are “Normal Position”, “Doggy Style”, “Hand Job”, “Foot Job”, “Titjob”, and “Cowgirl Position”. Each of them has 4 motions (3 for speed difference + 1 for squeezing).

Some of the sources of materials (honorifics omitted)

Voice Effects by tigerlily

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shoki no houmonsha RJ01143093” and use it.

Download Save Data

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