Last Shop – lath dan mae no saigo no omise RJ01143484 Save Data

Last Shop – lath dan mae no saigo no omise RJ01143484 Save Data


The threat of the Demon King has passed in the Kingdom of Zanarudo, thanks to the activities of the Futanari Swordsmen and mercenaries.
However, a new world crisis was quietly creeping in.
A new Demon King has appeared in the territory of the neighboring Wisteria Kingdom and has begun to act out his treacherous ways.
The Knights of Wisteria and the Adventurers’ Guild send their best warriors, mages, and knights to defeat the Demon King.

However, the warriors lose all their equipment and comrades in a grueling battle before reaching the last dungeon, the Demon King’s Castle.
Hey, hey, this is no way to defeat the Demon King!

But don’t worry.
The “Last Shop” is open just a stone’s throw from the Demon King’s Castle, as promised in RPGs.
Weapons, armor, items, and mercenaries who work for money can be hired, and let’s defeat the Demon King!

A beautiful boss demon tribe with a hired face is waiting for you in the Demon King’s castle!
The Demon King’s army will use the mooks who are defeated by the humans as their personal slave!
Use your strategies to defeat the sassy little demons and the high-handed female demons, and get them all off your back!
Of course, if you lose, the adventurers will also have to serve as sex toys!

Now, get ready at the last store and save the world!

This work is based on images generated by Novel AI with some modifications.

Features of this work

The battle proceeds in auto-battle. However, after obtaining certain items, you can replace your companions during the battle. Lead your adventurers to victory by taking charge according to the battle situation.
There is one “defeat H-scene” for each boss demon tribe and three “defeat H-scenes” for each adventurer. The scenes are not fully voiced, but include panting and sound effects.
A theater room is provided where H-scenes can be recalled. The last part of the game is quite challenging, but don’t worry, there are items to open all H-scenes.
Adventurers, mercenaries, and helpers have growth elements. In addition, there are elements to strengthen the lineup of stores and facilities.
Various events are prepared in the Demon King’s castle. New helpers, hidden bosses, rare items, and other challenging elements are also available.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Last Shop – lath dan mae no saigo no omise RJ01143484” and use it.

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