Sugoroku meikyuu succubus no wana RJ01144031 Save Data

Sugoroku meikyuu succubus no wana RJ01144031 Save Data


▼ Synopsis

A group of knights led by Rebecca, a female knight, come to the forest based on a report of an orc sighting.
Rebecca, who was ridiculed by several male knights and got mad, inadvertently fell into an obvious trap and shifted to a new location.
There she finds Liliane, a succubus with orcs in tow.
She was setting a trap to catch a handsome man.

Rebecca is brave enough to try to defeat the succubus, but the trap is not only a metastasis, but also a trap to get to Liliane’s location,
The trap was a backgammon labyrinth where she could only advance as many times as she rolled the dice to get to Liliane’s location.
Rebecca still dares, but on the way there is a vile trap awaiting her, with orcs licking their lips.

▼ Games

Backgammon style, with dice rolls. There is a battle.
Random erotic acts are performed in the squares where you stop in the backgammon game.
Also, when you sell certain items at the store, you will be in an erotic scene.

33 sex scenes!
Full animation!
You can get items when you get a title.
Full recollections!
Battle scenes are slightly erotic!
Full voice!

▼ H scene (full animation)

Rape / Common Sense Hypnosis / Time Stop / Normal Position with Choking
Cowgirl / Imaratio / Anal / Standing Back
Vibrator / Double hole / Sexual harassment / Hanging upside down / etc…

Character Introduction – Rebecca

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