Yousei chuudoku RJ01144186 Save Data

Yousei chuudoku RJ01144186 Save Data


A palm-sized fairy breeding simulation.

You pick up a fairy girl by the side of the road and decide to raise her.

She is only about 20 cm tall and is probably closer to a small animal than a human.

She does not speak well, but she responds to everything in an honest and innocent way.

She will be very friendly to you, moderately silly, and will behave emotionally.

They can be loved wholeheartedly as a family member or a lover,

or to torment it as a disposable toy.

How will you treat this little life?

Game Outline

It is a living simulation with the concept of statuses such as date, likability, and rut. You can move to the ending at any time, but there is no date limit.

The fairy will become more friendly to you if you give her gifts such as food and sundries, and communicate with her by petting her and talking to her.

If you neglect safety checks or neglect taking care of the fairies too much, a bad event may occur. You can prevent this by checking the screen regularly, so please be a good owner.

If you want to play without worrying about the above game elements, you can change to an easy mode for a more flexible play style.

About the H Element

She has just met me, but she does not know anything about sexual activity,
but by teaching her little by little, she will be able to have sex both physically and mentally.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Yousei chuudoku RJ01144186” and use it.

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