Nao wa hatsujouchuu!~ kemomimi shoujo to H na chiryou~ RJ01144753 Save Data

Nao wa hatsujouchuu!~ kemomimi shoujo to H na chiryou~ RJ01144753 Save Data


Go to a dungeon full of abnormalities with a junior chemomimi girl!

One of the naturally occurring phenomena, “dungeon”.

These places, which are said to be created on a whim by the god who controls the heavens and the earth, have captured the hearts of many people.
People eventually became adventurers and created a culture to challenge various dungeons.

One day, there were two adventurers who challenged the newly created dungeon.

One day, there were two adventurers, the protagonist (a senior) and Nao, a junior adventurer.

It was a dangerous and unknown dungeon where the survey team had retreated and the leader, Dr. Kato, had been taken away by demons.

On the way there, Nao is attacked by a demon and suffers from a special condition.

In order to cure Nao, the protagonist takes a paper that was dropped by the doctor who was taken away.


“The ‘dungeon’ condition and its relation to the female orgasm…”

How will this adventure end?


The heroine, Nao, who is constantly affected by abnormalities, is treated in a very erotic way!

Nao loves her senpai from the beginning, so she forgives him no matter what he does!

Use the flirting cure to conquer the dungeon!

About the H-scene

Mainly scenes with pure love elements and abnormalities.

The heroine never acts with anyone other than the main character.

Also, there are 6 kinds of abnormalities.






Mother’s milk

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