NTR succubus RJ01145528 Save Data

NTR succubus RJ01145528 Save Data


◎ Games

The most likely nightmare of being married to a succubus: NTR.

For them, sexual intercourse is merely a life activity.

However, if the partner is their wife, then ……

◎ Synopsis

One day, Eric, a villager living an ordinary life

He meets a succubus who calls herself “Mira”.

They spend their time together and become husband and wife.

However, the succubus needs more energy than Eric alone to survive.

So Mira proposes cuckoldry.

Mira will die if she does not receive another man’s semen. ……

Eric learns of the “shard of life” that gives the succubus its power.

With it, he can keep Mira from being embraced by another man.

Eric’s desperate adventure has begun. ……

When he loses in the dungeon and returns home, his wife is embraced by another man.

Every time he does this, Eric thinks to himself. What? What is this? Hell?”

I’m just not worthy of it. ……

A wife, whether she knows her husband is wetting his pillow or not, is going to be a stranger again tonight. ……

◎ Erotic scene

The expression of a wife who is falling into a lewd and violent state while conflicted between her instincts as a succubus and her love for her husband as a wife.

She masturbates after having sex with her husband for a long time.

She sucks his cock and is conflicted because it is more powerful than her husband’s. She is injected with another man’s juice in the deepest part of her body.

She is in a normal position with her legs spread wide open to get her deepest hole filled with someone else’s juices.

She climaxed begging for Nakadashi without realizing that her husband was watching her.


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