Chiisai koro wa kamisama ga ite RJ01145586 Save Data

Chiisai koro wa kamisama ga ite RJ01145586 Save Data


Staying home alone with the student in your charge.

The main character has been a teacher for about three months.
After school, his day is over as usual… but today, he still has something to do.

He was so happy to see me, Mana. Mana, I’m so happy.”

Mana Tatsumaki.
The main character is usually a teasing and playful Mana, but standing on the rooftop of the school, she looked more serious than ever.
The protagonist is unable to answer Mana’s question, “Is there really a God?
Still, she makes a request to the protagonist with a clear expression on her face.

But she still had a clear look on her face and asked him for a favor: “Can you please stay with Mana until Mom and Dad come back?

Mana, knowing that as a teacher he is not allowed to do this, but still feeling lonely and alone, pushes him to finally go up to her house.
And so begins their stay-at-home alone until their parents return home…

(Mana-chan is my student, and she is still a ✖ student.
 You have to treat her with purity and put aside your jealousy…!)

Mana’s actions and comments, and the fact that they are alone at home, make the protagonist’s rationale —— —-

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◇ Mana
TATSUMAKI Mana. Carried by the main character.

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