Sister Rumina to moyooshi kyoudan RJ01146193 Save Data

Sister Rumina to moyooshi kyoudan RJ01146193 Save Data



Lumina, an apprentice sister, is leading a peaceful life at a church school when one day her best friend Lina is kidnapped by a mysterious group.

In order to get her friend back, she uses the skill book left by her grandmother, but what was written in the book was a naughty skill called “lewd magic”.

A suspicious new religion becomes popular, and strange incidents occur one after another. What is the fate that awaits Lumina as she continues to use her lewd magic?

It is a high-tempo RPG in which sexually explicit events occur one after another. There are no elements of level up or battle.

There are many events of the sexual nature.

There are many events related to sisters such as prayer and penance.

There are situations of body development such as anal expansion, nipple enlargement, etc.

There are two happy ending routes.

Includes a save data that can be started from the end of the trial version and a clear save data.

Example Situations

A man is doused with a hypoallergenic substance that he is unaware of even if it touches his body.

A woman is praying while being doused with semen and having her common sense of prayer rewritten by a hypnotic substance.

The situation in which the woman accepts the sexual service to the supporters of the cult as a natural duty.

Situations in which lewd magic is used to obtain information.

 →Examples of lewd magic

   The lewd demon’s fingertips: Touching the phallus with the fingers reveals the pleasurable places.

   The lewd demon’s words have a strong persuasive effect on the person whom he ejaculates on.

   Tongue: By touching the phallus with the tongue, the tongue is automatically used to perform the service.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Sister Rumina to moyooshi kyoudan RJ01146193” and use it.

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Fully open from the beginning