– Logue raito RPG – muchuu no tou RJ01146214 Save Data

– Logue raito RPG – muchuu no tou RJ01146214 Save Data



This is a world of swords and magic.

The world is illuminated by four suns, and the people are blessed by them,
The world is a world of swords and magic, where people are blessed by the four suns, and live robustly despite being threatened by demons and other monsters time and again.

One day, however, one of the four suns sank into a huge tower towering over the sea, shrouded in storm and fog, and ceased to climb.
The area that had strongly benefited from that sun was shrouded in darkness, the temperature dropped, and the environment gradually deteriorated.

Many people came forward to search for the missing sun, but no one could reach the tower, which was tossed about by the raging sea and stormy sky.

Two more seekers set out to reach the tower. —-

Searching for the lost sun, they advance toward the tower that stands in the sea of evil!

The Tower in the Mist” is a roguelite RPG in which players explore a huge tower shrouded in fog while repairing an airship that has crash-landed and defending it from attackers.

The tower is filled with various traps, monsters, and tower dwellers who stand in the way of the two girls who are searching for the sun.

There are only a limited number of hours a day to explore the tower, and at night the airship must be protected from the monsters’ attacks.
The tower is full of dangers. Most of the supplies the girls had prepared when they crash-landed have been lost, so they must collect food, items for exploration, and materials for repairs in the tower to survive.

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