Mes gaki idol Fighting!! RJ01146378 Save Data

Mes gaki idol Fighting!! RJ01146378 Save Data



Chinatsu, an idol who skipped out on an important meeting, has lost the patience of her manager, who has been putting up with her for a long time.

The manager forces her to appear on a TV show… by gathering successful idols from all over the country and making them fight.

However, behind the scenes, the manager forced the defeated idols to make their adult filming debut on the spot in an unbelievable program!

Can Chinatsu defeat the participants of this program and return to her old life?

And what was the manager’s idea in letting them participate in such a dangerous program?

What is the truth about the program?

Unravel all the mysteries!


0 Chinatsu
The main character of this work. She is a maverick and always annoys the staff at the site. He overslept at an important meeting and was forced to participate in this project by the manager who lost patience with him. Although he is unaware of it, he has a habit of exposing himself.

0 Aoi
A girl who used to be a member of a top idol unit. Due to a certain incident, she was expelled from the group. In pursuit of her former glory, she is participating in this project to make a comeback once again. She is a caring committee chairperson type. She is sullen.

A girl who is gaining popularity for her characteristic tongue-twister. She releases harsh words at a moment’s notice. She doesn’t really understand why she can’t make friends because she doesn’t do it consciously.

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