Demi nation quest – tougou ban – RJ01146739 Save Data

Demi nation quest – tougou ban – RJ01146739 Save Data


This is the PC version.

We have integrated two Domination Quest titles into one game!

Domination Quest -Kuro and the naughty monster girls-(RJ227208)

Domination Quest vol. 2: The Red and Black Road Map (RJ330058)

You can play both ranges.

*There are no new elements. Please note that if you already own one of these titles, the contents will be duplicated.

An RPG in which you explore while making friends with wild monster girls.

The main character “Kuro” is a boy of a rare species called “Dominator” who has the ability to make monster girls his friends.

Kuro lives a quiet life in a house deep in the forest with a white succubus girl named “Shiro,” but one day that life comes to an end and Kuro sets off on a journey as an adventurer.

There are more than 60 kinds of monster girls and more than 160 H-scenes, with a wealth of situations unique to monster girls, such as being teased by their fluffy tails, being squeezed by their overwhelming size difference, or being swallowed whole.

All companion monster girls have animations that can be displayed while walking and two or more types of H-scenes.

Some enemies have “restraint attacks,” and each has its own unique H-scene if the game ends with the player in a restrained state.

Even during battle, you can get a lot of sperm from your fellow monster girls!

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