Nusutto musume to erotic yashiki RJ01147303 Save Data

Nusutto musume to erotic yashiki RJ01147303 Save Data


Game Contents

A group of thieving girls in tight-fitting suits
as righteous bandits to save the residents who are suffering from oppression,
to save the residents from oppression and steal coins.

The guards of the mansion are chasing after the thieves to frame them.
If you are caught, you will be raped immediately!
Restraint H, standing back, seeding pussy, blowjob, pie play, etc.
You can enjoy various situations of rape and humiliation in this H-anime.

Resist with the left and right keys, and escape from the room before you run out of energy.
All the coins you have collected will be confiscated.
You can enjoy the thrill of this H mini-game.

You can release new outfits and guards by collecting coins,
and you will be able to enjoy more H

3 players to choose from!
Big-breasted bespectacled girl with big tits
Chubby pink-haired girl
Slender girl with silver hair
You can play the game by choosing your favorite thief girl.

There are 630 kinds of H animations.
(30 basic patterns x character differences x costume and undress differences)
You can freely view the H-animations you have released.

We have prepared cheat commands that allow you to release all contents from the beginning,
Even those who don’t have much time can enjoy it immediately.

*The game system is the same as the previous game.
There is almost no storyline.
 Please enjoy this game as a simple extraction game.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Nusutto musume to erotic yashiki RJ01147303” and use it.

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