Life – iede shoujo to no seikatsu – RJ01148030 Save Data

Life – iede shoujo to no seikatsu – RJ01148030 Save Data


◆Game System

This is a cohabitation simulation game where you live under one roof with a runaway girl and enjoy a mellow daily life.

Talk, have sex, and sometimes go on dates with Mio, a runaway girl.

As you communicate with Mio and deepen your relationship with her, she will gradually open up to you and become more and more daring and naughty.

Save up money to buy items at the store.

You can use the items you get and give her outfits to have sex in new situations.

◆Live2D animation for a realistic touch

All character scenes are animated in Live2D.

The sex scenes are animated with a sense of dynamism, pursuing realism in the swaying of breasts and the fleshiness of skin.

◆Situations of sex

All sex scenes are dressable, and the clothes can be removed gradually from the uniform.

There are various sex scenes including normal position, back, titjob, and blowjob.

You are free to change the speed from the options, or choose when you want to go inside or out.

In addition to the basic event of the normal position, there are also sex events such as blowjob & paizuri in a maid outfit, kissing on a park date, back-up in underwear, anal penetration, and more.

◆The sex scenes are fully voiced.

◆Sex scenes,

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Life – iede shoujo to no seikatsu – RJ01148030” and use it.

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