Atchi mo kotchi mo chirachira mieteru dasshutsu game RJ01148572 Save Data

Atchi mo kotchi mo chirachira mieteru dasshutsu game RJ01148572 Save Data


■Game Summary

When the player woke up, he was in a prison cell.
He does not know why he was captured, nor does he remember who he is.
While trying to escape, he meets “Nina,” a heroine in the same situation.
They decided to escape together, and they worked together.
However, the heroine, caught in a piece of cloth, can be seen here and there as she goes about her activities.
The game is a comedy-flavored escape game in which the players aim to escape while enjoying the heroine.

Keyboard only. You can use only the keyboard or mouse. Both of them are available.

■Gameplay ■

Join forces with the heroine to collect objects, solve riddles, and find the key to escape!

There is also a puzzle element to activate the magic circle!

A recollection room is provided. You can also see the conditions for the appearance of events in the recollection room!

■Heroine ■

Name: Nina
She is said to be able to use magic, but the place where she is trapped inhibits her magic.
She is a hardworking girl who wants to help the main character with her knowledge of magic.
She wears only a piece of cloth, but moves around so much that you can see all sorts of places.
Her boobs and body are small.

■Event Introduction ■

Pictures are drawn in dot style.

20 scenes of sex events

18 basic HCGs

This is just a small part of the event.

●● Until now.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Atchi mo kotchi mo chirachira mieteru dasshutsu game RJ01148572” and use it.

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