Torawareta miko RJ01149213 Save Data

Torawareta miko RJ01149213 Save Data


Take all of the princesses by gambling with the defeated neighbor’s princesses for their bodies.


After a war with a neighboring country, where the aristocracy with slavery had a colorful and rough history, the neighboring country was finally destroyed.

The royalty of the neighboring country, defeated in the war, did not fight bravely and went on the run.

However, they were found and killed one after another.

Some of them were able to escape but ended up as slaves.

In the midst of all this, a princess of the Basilis family, who had royal blood in the neighboring country, managed to escape.

The princess’s name was Garnet Basilis.

However, because of her language and other characteristics, her identity was revealed as a former royal princess, and she was sold to a slave trader for a high price.

The nobles of the frontier hear the rumors and visit the former princess to get their hands on her…

But her bossy personality and outspoken words offended the nobles, and she was almost killed,

The owner of a brothel pays off the aristocrats and buys the former princess.

What did the brothel owner save the princess for?

The captive imperial princess challenged him in a card game.

This game is a card game, based on “High & Low”, in which you compete with “Garnet” for money.

You can use the money you take to buy naughty acts with Garnet.

Equipped with simulated sex motion.

The “Simulation of Sexual Motion” function is available during the sexual act.

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