Bakunyuu no chii koujousei saku RJ01149399 Save Data

Bakunyuu no chii koujousei saku RJ01149399 Save Data


Super Crunchy! Silly Bakunin sex RPG!


The Kingdom of Hiratai is dominated by the human race.

Most of the women of the human race were slim and had hiratai breasts.

On the other hand, the minorities such as elves and beastmen all have big breasts!

However, they had low social status,

They were the object of scorn…


Suddenly, the king appoints him “Minister of the Ministry of Big Tits”!

Let’s increase the number of people who love big tits by taking “sex” measures (pornography)!

Get hints for the movie from the research in town (conversations with main characters and residents, purchase of items).

Get hints for movies and shoot Bakunyu movies (collect H-scenes)!

Bakunyu AV Situations

Interview with titty rubbing

Titjob (a lot!)

SEX (front position, cowgirl position, doggy position)

Other than above, reverse bunny, sissy, rotor, etc…


Number of sex scenes: 28 (basic CGs)

Estimated playing time: 90-120 min.

(You will be able to cum in the reminiscence room in the middle of the game. All scenes can be released)


This game is made with RPG Toolkit MZ.

Please check the operation by using the trial version.

Please check the operation of the demo version.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Bakunyuu no chii koujousei saku RJ01149399” and use it.

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