Miboujin kozue no midara na dokushin seikatsu RJ01149624 Save Data

Miboujin kozue no midara na dokushin seikatsu RJ01149624 Save Data



Kozue, a good wife who had been devoted to her husband, loses him in an accident and is forced to live a life of sexual desire.

She has a lot of neighbors, and she gets to know a lot of men. ……

♦Game Summary ♦

This game tells the story of Kozue, a widow, who does erotic things with the men in her neighborhood as she desires.

Let’s cook the men’s favorite dishes and bring them into an erotic atmosphere while raising their sensitivity.

♦H Scenes of Uri ♦

Erotic scenes change as the sensitivity increases!

Every time you do something naughty with your body, the act becomes more and more intense…

♦These are some of the H situations.

A tipsy threesome with an old man’s brother who lives in the neighborhood after having a drink with him.

A man who is a caretaker of a condominium is having sex with a woman in a side position in his room.

She has a tingle in her body while running, so she has a standing back fuck with a swimming school teacher outside….

A girl who wants to be in a porn movie by herself because she can’t suppress her sexual desire….

She is surrounded by shorties who have come to take care of her, and the atmosphere becomes dirty….

 You can open all the rooms of recollection from the beginning!

♦Character Introduction ♦


Having lost her husband, she is unable to relieve her sexual desire and is horny.

She is well known in her neighborhood for her amiable personality,

Many men want to taste her voluptuous body.

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