Sakyubasudyueru zenpen RJ01149693 Save Data

Sakyubasudyueru zenpen RJ01149693 Save Data


This is a card game in which you fight against succubus and monster girls. During the card battles, female players and female monsters attack you erotically, and if you lose, you will be squeezed dry of your magical power until you dry up or be brainwashed and degraded into a slave with pleasure. This is a completely M-oriented work, and there are no reversals (no ahem faces, no humiliation, etc.). The circle is very particular about colorful tricks, so many of them appear in the main story.

There are more than 90 enemy female characters (more than 90 in the first part alone).

Almost all characters have animation scenes.

Abundant colorful tricks during battle

(e.g., tempting you to end your turn without doing anything while flirting with a reward, making you take a suspicious drug before a match to stop you short, showing your cleavage to catch you in a pinch, etc…)

The function of begging and masturbation is available.

There are some temptation events not only in battle but also at the base.

Various enemy decks that can be enjoyed as a card game.

This is the first part of a two-part series, and the total number of characters in the first part alone exceeds 1 million (this is the number of characters for event text only, and does not include card effect text, etc.). The volume of eroticism is as large as that of a typical doujinshi game. The game contains more than 700 cards, so both you and your enemies can freely enjoy combos using a variety of cards. An easy mode is also included in the game.

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