Oukyuu kishi Ellis no netorare monogatari RJ01149702 Save Data

Oukyuu kishi Ellis no netorare monogatari RJ01149702 Save Data


Men who want to kill the royal knight Elise

 Eris, a royal knight in the service of the Kingdom of Albus, receives a mission from the princess.
 She is asked to investigate a disturbing rumor circulating in the frontier town of Sly.
 Ellis has a boyfriend, Yuki, a pastor and childhood friend.
 He has promised to marry her when this mission is over.
 Ellis is looking forward to marrying Yuki, but there are men with various agendas on the way to the mission…

 Knight of the royal court
 A noble knight who is preparing to marry Yuki.
 The vicar of the kingdom
 A childhood friend of Elise’s, he promises to marry her after completing his mission.
 Lord of Sly
 The lord of the frontier town of Sly. He is well-liked by his people, but…
 Former royal knight
 He was Elise’s instructor when she was an apprentice. He lives in Sly after being transferred due to a scandalous incident.

 Other characters include bandits, goblins, and more.
 Eris changes her standing picture by changing her armor.
 Armor can be obtained from treasure chests and events.
 There are all open functions and cheat weapons in the recollection room.

In-game events
 You are ambushed by bandits…
 While enjoying a dinner party with the lord…
 On the way to defeat the bandits…
 In return for their help…
 While working in a tavern…
 ”I was attacked by a number of goblins…
 On your way to catch a slaver… etc…

34 basic CGs


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