Saimin office~ shigoto to shoushite koubi suru action RPG~ RJ01149884 Save Data

Saimin office~ shigoto to shoushite koubi suru action RPG~ RJ01149884 Save Data



The protagonist works for a sales representative company known for its complete meritocracy.
There are several female employees who have a body that men like.

One day, the CEO informs the protagonist that she will be fired if she fails to meet her performance quota for the month due to her incompetence.
Cornered, the protagonist decides to try a hypnosis application she saw advertised on a smartphone.

The protagonist comes up with a hypnotic idea that takes advantage of the company’s meritocratic corporate culture and the work pressure from his boss, and implements it in the conference room.
The protagonist adds ejaculation duties to the company’s tasks through hypnosis, and plans to receive sexual support from female employees.

Now, he is about to start a career-ending dirty work at “Simin Office”…


Simin Office” is a mystery-solving RPG about mating under the guise of work,
Set in the office and city where the main character works, the game aims to achieve a quota of ejaculation duties for female employees who have been put into a hypnotic state within a one-week limit.

In order to perform H duties, the player must clear the training facilities designated by the hypnosis application.
Once you have infiltrated the training facility after completing a simple mission in the city, you can strengthen your hypnosis application by defeating all the enemies and completing each area.
Keep your heroines in a continuous state of hypnosis.

The story changes depending on the player’s choices, with one of four different endings.
Take over the scenes you have acquired and make new choices and endings.

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