Popo katsu !- anzuchan to inaka no DSKB Arbeit – RJ01149887 Save Data

Popo katsu !- anzuchan to inaka no DSKB Arbeit – RJ01149887 Save Data


◆ ◆ Story.

A gal medium [Anzu-chan] comes to the countryside to exterminate ghosts,
She is tricked by a lecherous god of pestilence and is raped by him.

The god of pestilence’s “cum” induces heat in the pit of her stomach.
The only way to prevent fertilization is to rely on the village doctor…!

A gal, rough and tumble, but she’s got a lot going for her!
But Anzu, who is a gal with a rough and tumble personality, is extremely susceptible to the smell of middle-aged men,
Will she be able to reap the demons that stand in her way and return to her beautiful body?


◆Game Outline

Easy Nukigame Action☆!
Cleave the attacking monsters and earn money while aiming for the village!

But beware of naughty bites…?

More than 20 kinds of [Dusky Yokai] are included!
More than 30 kinds of 【Erotic Bytes】!

We recommend you to check the operation with the trial version.

◆heroine of this work


A mini-skirted medium who came to the countryside to exterminate ghosts, but was targeted by a dirty plague god.
She dreams of becoming a big name in the industry.

She is a tomboyish gal who has a hard time with guys she picks up,
However, due to her family situation, she is extremely hungry for “paternity,” and her weakness is her uncle.
When a middle-aged man makes a pass at her, her body involuntarily reacts.

In particular, her nipples are her sexual zone.
Once she is penetrated, her erection does not stop there,
She will make her entire breast rocket in a very romantic way.

◆Same for another heroine version

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Popo katsu !- anzuchan to inaka no DSKB Arbeit – RJ01149887” and use it.

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