Rebekka to in shu no ken 2 RJ01150172 Save Data

Rebekka to in shu no ken 2 RJ01150172 Save Data




Rebecca, a female warrior who protected her village from a band of thieves, was living a peaceful life with her kind husband and son.

One day, Rebecca obtains a magic sword at the request of the guild, but her husband Takezo is petrified by its curse.

Moreover, Rebecca’s power, which is supposed to be the strongest warrior, is also reduced, and she is cursed with the ability to see men’s erotic levels.

Can Rebecca safely break the curse in the face of men who desire her voluptuous body? ────

✤Game Content✤

This is an erotic RPG in which you advance while exploring a vast field.

You can defeat enemies in dungeons and fields by swinging your sword with the decision key.

You can check the destination of the story at any time on the menu screen, so you can progress without getting lost.

You can also get a world map as you progress through the story.

Once you have visited a place, you can fast-travel to it and explore it smoothly.

Erotic events occur in various places such as towns, villages, fields, and dungeons.

Excitement” items obtained from erotic events can be used as materials to strengthen the “Nasty Spell Demon Sword.

In boss battles, the game switches to command battles, and players can enjoy tearing clothes and sexual harassment.

Missed erotic events can be checked for each area from the recollection room.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Rebekka to in shu no ken 2 RJ01150172” and use it.

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