Succubus no sato no pochi RJ01151081 Save Data

Succubus no sato no pochi RJ01151081 Save Data


I woke up in a village of succubus.

Otto, Dren and Adele were tricked by the succubus
and were taken to the village where she lived.

The village was depopulated, and it was hard to get the human’s energy.

The Succubus had bred humans as livestock, but had let them die too soon.
This time, they wanted to extend their life span by caring for them as pets.
They wanted to extend their lifespan and provide them with a long-lasting supply of energy.

However, not just anyone can be a pet.
It has to have excellent spirit. ……

That night, the tests began to see if Otto and his friends were suitable as pets!
The test, of course, is to taste the semen!

The game is a text reading game with a choice of options!

44 basic CGs
10 scenes

A dynamic personality that doesn’t care about details.
He likes Dren, who is strong-willed and competitive.

Seemingly quiet, but to those who disrespect her
but she has harsh words for those who disrespect her.
She likes Adele, the more intelligent of the three.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Succubus no sato no pochi RJ01151081” and use it.

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