D – Zone RJ01151287 Save Data

D – Zone RJ01151287 Save Data


Zombie Survival Tower Defense SLG

In the year 20XX, a mutant form of a virus similar to rabies broke out and turned a certain city into hell. Both people and animals in the city are infected by the virus and attack people indiscriminately. While the military blocks the roads and tries to stop the spread of the infection, survivors are still scattered around the city waiting for rescue.

Left click: Decide
Right click: Move/cancel unit
Esc:Menu(with self-destruct function)
←→/AD:Move cameraman
F1:Full screen / Cancel

◆Game Contents
Zombie Survival Tower Defense SLG
The game is about building a line of defense and surviving from mutant attacks.
Mutants cruelly rape and kill captured women.
If the fence is destroyed and they get in, it’s game over.
Each of the four heroines has their own characteristics and different weapons they can use.
You can survive if you make good use of the heroines’ strengths and traps.
Even if you fail, you can strengthen your weapons and try again and again, so players who are not good at tower defense can easily enjoy the game.

◆Erotic Scenes
About 30 basic CG
Zombie humiliation and hetero-rape are the main contents.
All erotic scenes are produced by mini-animation.

The heroines Sophia and Hannah were created with a nostalgic reference to Marian, a female teacher, and Berta, an information worker, who appeared in the SLG “Shelter” that I created 7 years ago.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “D – Zone RJ01151287” and use it.

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