Bad end butler RJ01151433 Save Data

Bad end butler RJ01151433 Save Data


[Description of work.

An RPG in which the main character is raped by demon women and human women!
The main character is raped by demon and human women in this RPG!
It’s not only combat.
If you make a wrong choice, you will get a bad end,
You can get a bad end if you make a wrong choice, or you can be forced to pay tribute with items.

There are no reversals,
It is recommended for those who like to be tricked and raped in reverse.

New: Transformation System
The enemy demon tribe transforms you into a dildo,
If you are transformed into a dildo by the enemy demon tribe and do not escape, the game is over!

The game will be over if you don’t escape!
You can’t miss the brutal and lewd acts of the weakened self, the demon tribe and the brainwashed citizens, which are expressed in the character chips and illustrations.

Defeat Event
If you are defeated by enemy demons or citizens, the game is over!
All enemy characters have M-oriented illustrations,
All enemy characters are illustrated with M-oriented illustrations and are raped in various ways, such as reverse rape.

[Picture change].
Enemy characters change their illustrations when they take damage.
illustration changes when they take damage!

They become ragged, whipped, and so on…
Enjoy the various changes.

Special technique illustration
Enemies sometimes unleash special moves during battle.
The full-screen battle display has a big impact!

Combat System
The combat system is designed to be a fast-paced RPG,
The battle system is designed to be a quick and easy RPG, and all the fishy characters can be hit with all the moves from level 1!

Enemy characters are equipped with a variety of techniques, such as weak points, effective equipment, and effective items.
The difficulty level can be adjusted by yourself in combination with the included “Book of Strategy”.

Ares, a magical swordsman in a village
A whore attacked the village.

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