Oanichan wa sniper!! RJ01152195 Save Data

Oanichan wa sniper!! RJ01152195 Save Data


A heartwarming story about the daily life of a sniper brother and his sisters.

The footsteps of darkness creep up behind the glory and pain of the A-class sniper (older brother), and when the great destiny intersects, a small love story begins.

 PLAY TIME About 1~2 hours (until the ending)
 About 25 illustrations (including 10 H illustrations, not including the difference) ver1.00


…This is the twentieth person… My fingers never stop shaking… I don’t know how many people I’ve been called a top sniper that day when I no longer felt guilty… I wasn’t happy, I was just following my dad… …

 I’m a class A sniper, code name “sukai.2144,” and I work with my sister, who is a spotter. He is usually a hunter by profession. He also enjoys mountain climbing. Sniping requires a high level of physical and mental strength, and a single job can be very physically and mentally exhausting. To do a first-class job, you need a first-class rest, and I built a mountain lodge as a reward for my work. Mountains are wonderful, they purify the mind… When you are sick, you must climb mountains. Speaking of first-rate snipers, I heard that Gogo 13 has sex before shooting…. I’m going to focus my training on that area from now on. And someday…he will be a first-rate climber!

 Hmm, new job!

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