Mahou shoujo magical nanaka RJ01152243 Save Data

Mahou shoujo magical nanaka RJ01152243 Save Data


My name is Magical Nanaka! I will help the weak and avenge the wicked!

 Erodione, a secret society of evil. The world has begun to be covered by the erosion of those who live in the darkness.
 Along with this, there are rumors of the existence of magical girls. Do magical girls really exist?
 Behind the peaceful night of everyone, the dark activities of Erodione and the battle of the magical girls to stop them continue.
 The battle between magical girls to stop them continues.

 In the town where the heroine, Nanaka Naginaka, lives, the disappearance of young women has begun to occur.
 On her way home from school, Naginaka rescues a mysterious cat being chased by men in black.
 After treating her wound at home, the cat told Naginahana the truth about the disappearance and asked her to become a magical girl and help her.
 She asked the cat to become a magical girl and help her.

 Naginabana, who is the student council president and has a stronger sense of justice than anyone else, uses the perseverance stick she is given to transform herself into Magical Nanaka.
 transformed into Magical☆Nanaka and decided to fight against Elogione.

Game Contents
 The game is a chapter story.
 You will have to prevent the ambitions of the monsters who are working in the dark in various parts of the city by choosing actions and fighting battles,
 When you are defeated, you will be in a lot of trouble.
 You may also be seen transforming and threatened with a story about it.

Highlighted points
50 basic event CGs, 1480 differences in total, many standing pictures and facial expression differences.
More than 1940 full voices of heroines.
When you win the game, the losing scene will be recalled at the same time.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Mahou shoujo magical nanaka RJ01152243” and use it.

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