Zenra no kobushi Ver 1. 5! RJ01152541 Save Data

Zenra no kobushi Ver 1. 5! RJ01152541 Save Data


Striking techniques, pleasure techniques, seduction techniques, begging for life, restraint techniques, counters, and special moves, a total of 7 different techniques are used to end in multiple defeats!

Trial version is here.

Only one scene will be animated.

The combat system has been greatly simplified! Use basic weak attacks and return with a strong attack against an opponent’s tame move!

~Explanation of the various gauges during combat

Orange → HP (reduced by blows)

Blue → Reason (reduced by seduction techniques)

Green → Excitement (increased by pleasure techniques)

List of events during battle

Striking technique: Small “H” event at 70% and 30% of HP. 2 in total.

Pleasure Technique Small “H” event at 50% and 30% of HP at the beginning, 2-3 in total.

Seduction technique: Small “H” event at 50% and 30% of HP for the first time, 2-3 events in total

Restraint technique Small H event at 50% when grabbed, 2-3 in total

Occurs also for⁺ counters, special moves, and critical hits

*Differ slightly depending on the character.

Model used in the game: Kuronatsu Produced by Seu

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Zenra no kobushi Ver 1. 5! RJ01152541” and use it.

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