Magfilia RJ01153341 Save Data

Magfilia RJ01153341 Save Data



Gino, a heroic man of great strength, was about to set out with Olivia, a magician, to defeat a demon king at the request of the king.
Then, a demon girl, Angel, visits Gino.

I want to kill the Demon King. With my own hands.”

The journey of a powerful hero, a human wizard, and a demon girl to defeat the Demon King begins.


Anger CV: Ringo Aoba

A demon girl who hates the Demon King and wants to kill him.
She is a firm person, but she is not familiar with human affairs.
She loves Olivia. She hates Gino.


A boy who is called a hero and is asked by the king to defeat the Demon King.
He has extraordinary strength and a sturdy body.
He is cheerful, easygoing, and has many friends.


Olivia is a shy wizard.
She doesn’t like to stand out too much, but when she is with Gino, she attracts attention without any choice.
She thinks she is …… and is unaware that her appearance attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Emmy (right)

She has the ability to see the future and works at the royal court as a court astrologer.
She often gives advice to Gino and his friends using her abilities and insight.
She is a beauty who attracts men and women of all ages. He is a siscon.

Fina (left) CV: ACHUKA@

Emmy’s younger sister, with such beauty that one would think she was a reincarnated goddess (Emmy).

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