Ignominy higyaku no reijou to fukushuu no boumei kizoku RJ01153809 Save Data

Ignominy higyaku no reijou to fukushuu no boumei kizoku RJ01153809 Save Data


Product Version] Ver.1.0.1
Trial Version] Ver. 1.0.0

The strategy is uploaded to Ci-en.

Revenge, mission or truth of the past: ……


Lieutenant Leoš Mare, an intelligence officer of the Republic, is originally from a noble family of the Empire.
One day, he is sent to the house where his daughter, Angelica, lives to investigate the stronghold of Lord Krause, the Secretary of Defense, who has been on the run since the fall of the Imperial capital and continues to resist.
Lord Krause is the man responsible for the fall of Leoch’s family home, and his daughter Angelica is someone he had cared for when she was a child.
Leoš reunites with Angelica with mixed feelings.
Angelica is happy to see him again, but despite her concern for Leoš’s well-being, she refuses to listen to his false accusations.

The System

A day of in-game time is divided into an investigation part and an interrogation part.

In the investigation part, you will navigate through the building and gather information to blackmail Angelica into submission or to complete your mission.
In the interrogation part, you will use the results of the investigation part to break Angelica’s resistance and humiliate her.

The game has a set number of action points per day, so please be considerate of your allocation of them.

After 30 days, the game will end.
If Angelica’s limit exceeds the permissible range during the interrogation part, she will be detained by the inspection department.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Ignominy higyaku no reijou to fukushuu no boumei kizoku RJ01153809” and use it.

Download Save Data

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