Succubus yashiki no pet RJ01153994 Save Data

Succubus yashiki no pet RJ01153994 Save Data



The protagonist suddenly wanders into another world and is captured by a succubus.

He is about to be killed, but the succubus, who has a taste for semen, turns him into a “pet” to be kept in the mansion.

He is afraid that one day he will be squeezed to death. The protagonist runs away, but then a helper shows up…

About this work

This is a game in which the main character is trapped in a succubus’ mansion and aims to escape by collecting money to buy the key to the mansion.

The main character is a young girl who is trapped in a succubus’s mansion.

The friendly succubus asks him for a part-time job…

Do various things to collect money from all over the mansion.

Of course, the succubus will be chasing you…

About the H-scene

The succubus, which is a higher species than humans, is exploited while being looked down upon.

Included H-scenes

Cowgirl position


Hand job

Foot job

Blow job

Succubus exploit the protagonist with various ideas.

Sometimes it is simply to eat your semen.

Or to make fun of you.

Or to be trained.

Some succubus may be doing some terrible evil.

There is also a fully open switch at the beginning for those who want to see only H-scenes.


You can play the first part of the game in the demo version.

This game is produced by “RPG Tool MZ”.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Succubus yashiki no pet RJ01153994” and use it.

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