Vtuber Hack RJ01154711 Save Data

Vtuber Hack RJ01154711 Save Data


Hack the target Vtubers and find out who they are!

We will drag them all down, no matter how bright the stars shine.

Hack the target Vtubers and find out who they are.

Once you’ve unmasked them and uncovered their personal information, feel free to boil them or roast them at …….


I want to believe in (see) a beautiful idol (dream)…

I had believed so, but one day, my world was suddenly broken.

I put a lot of money into it, because of the suspicion of a boyfriend of my favorite Vtuber.

I think you’ve already reached your limit. And that’s why you have the power you have.

In desperation, an unknown guy handed me a USB memory stick.

What was on it was a program for hacking.

“Pull down the stars.”

“From Far Beyond the Sea of Heaven…”

Vtubers who play with the hearts of their fans without showing their faces and make them pay for their spacha.

We cannot allow such lies to deprive people without money of even their dreams.

Today, I’m going to start up my computer and wield my electronic fangs…


Takaminekyun (高峰キュン)……A cheerful and energetic Vtuber of active JK, she frequently distributes games for simultaneous viewing and viewer participation, and values a sense of unity with her fans.

Amatsu Nanase (Amatsu Nanase)…… Fallen Angel Motif

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Vtuber Hack RJ01154711” and use it.

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