Dorei shoujo to choukyou no mura RJ01155332 Save Data

Dorei shoujo to choukyou no mura RJ01155332 Save Data


The story of the development of a clueless slave girl!

Fina is a girl who was sold into slavery to save her mouth.
She bites the man who takes care of her, and is beaten by him.
One day, a man appears and offers to buy her.

He was the chief of a village.
The girl is welcomed into the village, where she is treated kindly by everyone and regains her health and vigor.

However, the residents of the village, including the village chief, are all there for the purpose of doing erotic things to the girl slave, who knows nothing about it.
As soon as she says that she trusts the villagers completely and wants to thank them for their kindness, they start touching her body and making her suck their penises, calling it a prank.

But the girl, who had never been educated, could not possibly have any knowledge of sex, and had no idea what they were doing to her.

So she does not resist when they wash her vagina and clitoris in the bathroom, and when asked to clean the patient’s penis with her mouth, she happily sucks it, even though she says it smells bad.

After her “first” experience with the village chief, she is developed by the other villagers.
Will the girl who was once a slave ever be happy?

Play Contents
After working in the field, she blindfolded him and made him lick her penis with ice cream.
After the work in the field, she blindfolds him and makes him lick her penis with ice cream. After that, they wash their bodies with the semen that came out.
While working at a bar in a bunny costume, she is made to sit down and rub her cock on her crotch.

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