Makenshi Furen to da in no makyuu [souki gentei 20% OFF] RJ01155408 Save Data

Makenshi Furen to da in no makyuu [souki gentei 20% OFF] RJ01155408 Save Data


Genius adventurer vs. naughty dungeon!

One day, a party of adventurers who went to conquer a newly discovered dungeon goes missing.
The Adventurer’s Guild sent rescue teams to the dungeon several times, but the rescuers never returned from the dungeon,
Time just passed without any results. ……

The Adventurers’ Guild took this situation very seriously, and turned to Fren Sarris, a young genius adventurer nicknamed the Mage Swordsman, to find the missing persons and rescue them from the dungeon,
He is known as the Mage Swordsman, and is asked to search for the missing persons and conquer the dungeon.

Will Fren be able to conquer this mysterious dungeon?
Or will she be one of the poor victims?

Now, the story of Furen’s growth and pleasure opens.

Character Introduction

[Fren Salisu]

Occupation: Adventurer Age: 19 Height: 164 cm Weight: 53 kg

The protagonist of this work.
He is a genius in swordsmanship and sorcery, and is called “Fren the Mage” by those around him because of his skillful use of both.

In addition to being a highly skilled adventurer, he is trusted and respected by many people because of his good looks and earnest personality.

Although he is unaware of it, he has a tremendous weakness for pleasure.

His hobbies are reading and masturbation.

[Abyss Ouroboros]

Occupation: magician Age: ? Age: 161 cm Height: 46 kg Weight: 46 kg

A self-proclaimed magician whom Furen met in a dungeon.

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