Shintai sokutei wa, arare mo nai sugata de RJ01155977 Save Data

Shintai sokutei wa, arare mo nai sugata de RJ01155977 Save Data



Miki Sakura, who is enrolled in the Fat Club of a certain school, is asked by school nurse Sano to undertake a “growth and health condition survey.

She was told that it would be similar to the usual physical measurements at school, so she took it lightly and without any concern,

The main content of the survey was “an investigation of the growth of the whole body, including the breasts and genital organs.

Miki, who had no idea what was going on, entered the examination room and was immediately stripped naked of her uniform and underwear.

Miki is forced to expose her private parts, and under the guise of an examination, she is forced to play with the most embarrassing and important parts of a girl’s body.

10 basic CGs (including 1 standing picture)

There are no sex scenes in this work. Please understand beforehand.

Character Introduction

Miki Sakura is a 4-year-old girl who attends Misakioka Fat School. She has a mature and serious personality, but she also has a friendly side that can get along with anyone.

Because of her cute and kind atmosphere, she secretly attracts a lot of attention from the male students.

Sometimes she is a little confused when she feels the stares of male students.

Her hobby is visiting cafes and she loves delicious sweets.


“Oh… You’re going to look that far?
I believe it was written in the consent form I gave you beforehand. We need to check the development of the breasts and reproductive organs together.
“Breasts and reproductive organs?

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