Mes gaki inma to ! Wakara se kkusu icha love kkusu RJ01156512 Save Data

Mes gaki inma to ! Wakara se kkusu icha love kkusu RJ01156512 Save Data


▼ Synopsis

Millie” is an apprentice succubus who came to my house.

I was attracted to her because she chose me.

But… she is a very hot and nasty “bitchy little whore”!

I was humiliated as having a coarse cock, and I was squeezed out of her by handjobs every day.

I want to have sex with Millie, but…!

Will “Prey-kun”‘s feelings reach the bitchy whore?


Video duration: approx. 1 hr. 15 min.

This is a 2D animation work with full animation and full voice.

It contains some elements of “female brat” and “making love”, but there is no excessive verbal abuse or excessive making love.

It is a mild and easy-to-play scenario with a lot of lovey-dovey development.

The characters are voiced by Tyrol Oyama.

She is cute even though she is a bit shy. Please enjoy the high quality female voice.

▼H Anime

A total of 8 scenes are included.

Each scene is seamless, with no darkening or fades in the progression.

Not only pistoning, but also licking, kissing, spanking…. etc.

You can enjoy a wide variety of animation differences.

In the insertion scene, you can enjoy the circle’s special “cross-sectional view” expression.

Choice of play environment

The “Video Version” and “Windows Version” are included in the package,

You can watch/play in a way that suits your environment.

Video version

Video Version

Installation Save Data

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Mes gaki inma to ! Wakara se kkusu icha love kkusu RJ01156512” and use it.

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