Netorare Revenger RJ01156580 Save Data

Netorare Revenger RJ01156580 Save Data


Watch the mind-distorting “NTR” at ……!

It was an early morning in winter before Valentine’s Day.

The main character, Koyoi Yowamushi, was given a chocolate from a literary girl, Shiya Nakata, who was enrolled in the next class, whom she had never met before.

Finally, spring has come.

The school life with a lovely and neat girl who is quiet but expressive when it comes to her hobbies was supposed to change Rai Yoi’s life. ……

───────This is only the beginning of despair.

I’d rather be this ……! I would rather die early than become such a disgusting person! I should have died earlier!

Enjoy the three completely different endings…… and let your intuition tell you what kind of end you will end up with.

Enjoy the roller coaster story with NTR and pure love!

The bonus of “Clear” is a secret story from the point of view of the interloper, which depicts the other side of the story. ……?

This game is made with RPG Toolkool MV.

Please confirm the operation with the trial version.

Shiya Nakata


A mature literary girl.

She loves books and is shy.

She suffers from insensitivity.

She is hiding something from the hero. ……

Matsurida Matsuri


She is a naughty girl who chastises a group of rare runners.

She is very strong.

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