Hi i no summer hoshuu NTR~ boku no kanojo ga ochiru made RJ01157105 Save Data

Hi i no summer hoshuu NTR~ boku no kanojo ga ochiru made RJ01157105 Save Data


Yoyo’s Summer Make-up Class NTR – Until My Girlfriend Crashes

I’m Kazumotsu Kanya, and I’m a gym teacher.
Until then, my number one masturbation pet, Youi Amagasaki, was my number one masturbation pet.
I’ve been my number one masturbation pet until then, but my revenge begins when I witness her having sex with Ninomiya in the next class.

That’s the story,
The main story is the training of Youyori, who was tricked by Ichimotsu into signing a sexual intercourse agreement during the summer vacation period, in the name of remedial training.

There are multiple endings by choice.
Will Ninomiya be able to celebrate the summer festival with Youyori as his girlfriend?
Or will he just go to ……
The basic erotic CG alone is more than 55 pieces!
Please check ci-en for more details!

Characters 1

Hiyori Amagasaki
(Hiyori Amagasaki)
Hiyori Amagasaki is a shy, active, and curious young girl who is not involved in any club activities, but has many friends. She has sex with her boyfriend of three months, Ninomiya, once a week with a rubber. She has sex with her new boyfriend, Ninomiya, once a week (without sex).
She is a good student and athlete, but she has to take a make-up test because she cannot take the test due to a cold.

(Ichimotsu Saya)
He is a physical education teacher at Kamiyama Nishi High School. He is an amateur virgin, but has a huge dick.
He is looking forward to summer classes with Yohi, who is always cheerful with him. …… He is poor, but because he is a teacher, he is surprisingly kind and sociable, and gets along well with his neighbors.
The school is also an advisor for women’s track and field.

Kazuma Ninomiya

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