Kyuuketsu hime to seiyari no tenshi RJ01159343 Save Data

Kyuuketsu hime to seiyari no tenshi RJ01159343 Save Data


the characters (in a play or novel)

◆Angel/Sistilla (main character )————-
I am sorry. I’m sorry my intervention got you into a lot of trouble.
 But I swear I will save you from that vampire.”

 (What am I going to do? I’m supposed to call you by your name …….
  And besides, I can’t believe you called me by my name. ……!)

An angel who fell in love with Lynetta at first sight and has been watching over her from the heavenly realm (according to the angel herself). Unable to stay away from Lynetta’s crisis, she breaks her angelic code and comes down to earth.

He loves Lynetta so much that he tries to maintain a calm demeanor so as not to attract her, but he is rather blunt.

◆Sister/Linetta– ————-
Sistilla– ……
 Do you wish to remember when you were human?”

Sistilla, you seem to be in pain. I’m going to treat you now.
 If I kiss …… you, will you wake up again?”

The sister who went to the vampire princess as an offering in order to protect her country.

She is a quiet and passive character, but she is surprisingly active when it comes to sex.

◆Vampire Princess/Alphonsine ——– —–
I’m not sure if this is a joke or not, but I’m sure it is. I’m not kidding.
 I guess I went too easy on you.

‘Well, you’re not going to die.

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